Bare Cupboard Soup

4th March 2018
easy bare  cupboard soup

easy bare cupboard soup

It is* snowing!  This is pretty special considering that I live right by the beach in North Cornwall where it NEVER snows….well very rarely.  Most of the UK can seemingly be covered in a beautiful white blanket whilst we remain green / sandy with not a flake in sight. Continue reading

Comfort Baking….Lemon Drizzle :)

19th February 2018

lemon drizzle

We had an unusually peaceful weekend last weekend which was just amazing.  Apart from the weekly ballet class (not me!), we had absolutely nothing in the diary ….bliss.

My eldest girl had been asking to do some baking for ages so we decided that Sunday was the day and somehow I managed to persuade her to bake my all time favourite cake, a lemon drizzle.

However, I was torn…..I LOVE lemon drizzle, a real lemon drizzle but could I tamper with a recipe (as I usually do) and still end up with one that would hit the spot? Continue reading

Hello Blog!

15th February 2018

Blog Planning.....

Blog Planning…..

It has been a while…again!

Blogs are funny things, for me this blog has never been anything that I earn money from, it was originally something that I was told I ‘should have’ when I started doing more media stuff and then it sort of morphed into an outlet for the odd recipe / musing when I had time.  That elusive thing, time, which seems to vanish once children appear and you are trying to juggle house, kids, freelance work and a reasonably sane life work balance.  My little blog bore the brunt of this time shortage hence the long periods of neglect! Sorry blog! Continue reading

Thick and creamy avo and chocolate smoothie

25th July 2016

Avocado in a smoothie sounds really odd, I do realise that!

However, I can promise that once you try adding avocado to pretty much any smoothie you will realise that it doesn’t really taste of anything but instead just manages to impart a deliciously creamy and smooth texture that works well with most flavours. smoothieavo

Sometimes I crave something a bit more substantial and this never fails to hit the spot.  Packed full of healthy fats from the avocado and rich in antioxidants from the cacao and spinach, this just feels like great nutrition in a bottle.

I love this after a sweaty yoga workout and my little girl loves it too (as long as she doesn’t see what goes into it!).

This makes 2 delicious smoothies



Potato and Lentil ‘nearly summer’ Stew

9th May 2016

This is my fallback recipe for days when I need a ‘hug in a bowl’.  Fallback because the ingredients are pretty sure to be sitting in my kitchen and when combined it really is a brilliantly comforting and warming stew/soup.  I do realise that posting this in May (just when we are experiencing the first flickers of sunny warmth on our faces) might seem a little odd, but this somehow seems fitting because it is warming yet light and perfect for those warm days but not so warm evenings.

Potato and Lentil Soup

Potato and Lentil Soup

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Blueberry buckwheat pancakes

3rd March 2016

blueberry pancakesblog

Just sometimes, when life allows for a slightly less rushed start to the day, we love to make pancakes.

Pancakes are so easy and great to get tiny helpers involved because they really only need stirring, something that can usually be delegated to my 3 year old without disastrous consequences.

A healthier twist on a classic pancake is to switch the plain flour to buckwheat, Continue reading

Date and coconut energy balls

2nd March 2016

protein ballsThese little balls are so simple to make (I would say approx 5 minutes), and pack a real punch in terms of nutrients and energy.

Rich in healthy fats (especially omega 3s from the pumpkin seeds) as well as fibre, some protein and lots of minerals, what is there not to love?! Continue reading

Nourishing lentil soup

29th February 2016

lentil soupI LOVE soup.

There is something really satisfying about making soup and it just happens to be one of the cheapest and (providing you choose the right one and go homemade!) healthiest lunch options out there.  I often make a big pan which will last for 3 or so lunches plus a few snack meals. Continue reading

Warming Winter Breakfasts

19th February 2016

porridge w seeds and date syrupAfter an unseasonably mild winter, the past few days seem to have been a little more like the wintery days we know and love; bright sunshine, cold air and blue skies with a dusting of frost over the grass in the morning.  Mornings like these make me think of one thing immediately… Porridge! Continue reading

The Power of ‘NOW’

20th September 2015

mash avo on toastSo it has been a while since my last post and that is largely to do with a manic work schedule plus pregnancy!

Anyway my lack of time of late has really got me thinking about the importance of having a handful of simple, tasty and nutritious meals up your sleeve.  It will be these dishes that make the difference between staying on track health wise and the alternative which is is being unprepared AND hungry with a lack of time….thus resorting to ready meals or take aways or other less nutritious and more pricy alternatives. Continue reading

The magic of Chia….!

5th February 2015

Very rarely do I write about products.  I’m not particularly interested in endorsing things and that is not what this blog is about, but on the occasion that I discover something that has the potential to genuinely enhance peoples health then I feel that it is right to share it.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds

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Salad Dressings – the homemade way…

1st February 2015

I clearly remember the first time that I made my own salad dressing.  I think I have bought perhaps only one ‘ready-made’ dressing since!

There are a number of reasons why making your own dressing is so much better than buying a pre-made one and here are my top reasons:

3 dressings

3 dressings

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Sweet potato and chickpea burgers

30th January 2015
Chickpea burger with sweet potato wedges and salsa

Chickpea burger with sweet potato wedges and salsa

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I made these.  Normally my ‘creations’ in the kitchen don’t go down that well but if I do say so myself, this one was a hit! Not only are these really really quick and easy to make ( I think it probably took me 20mins to make them and 15mins of that was boiling the potatoes and carrots), but they are packed full of fibre, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and immune boosting beta-carotene.  These are also oven baked thus making them low fat too!   Continue reading

Warming Winter Breakfasts

19th January 2015

Happy New Year!!
It has been a while, apologies for the lack of posts! I don’t really know where the time goes especially during the Christmas run up and then the festive period, it all seems to happily dissolve into one long stretch and I find myself in mid-January and rather chilly!

Warming Winter Breakfasts.

Warming Winter Breakfasts.

Anyway enough of that and on to todays blog which is all about things that warm you up; I’m talking specifically about breakfasts and drinks.

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Blog update!!!

9th October 2014

To all of you who visit or have visited this blog – Thank-you!

I have been doing it on and off for a few years but with a heavy work load, babies, moving between countries etc I haven’t been able to put as much time and energy into it as I would have liked.  Anyway, good news!  Life is settling down, my child is starting to sleep (not wanting to tempt fate….!) and I have therefore decided to carve out more time to focus on my blog which is something that I have always loved.  It is a bit of me time and means I can justify making all sorts of delicious healthy meals, snacks juices and treats in my kitchen!

It will be similar but with a new fresh look so please come back and visit.  There will be recipes, thoughts, advice and I will also be sharing some of my favourite things…you know, those little things like a beautiful skin cleanser, a new perfume, a gorgeous candle, a dream pair of jeans, a genuis invention which keeps my daughter quiet and happy or perhaps stunningly beautiful and special places that I happen to visit.

As ever, I love hearing from you all so please keep that going.

Hoping that this finds you all healthy and happy,

Faith x