The Power of ‘NOW’

mash avo on toastSo it has been a while since my last post and that is largely to do with a manic work schedule plus pregnancy!

Anyway my lack of time of late has really got me thinking about the importance of having a handful of simple, tasty and nutritious meals up your sleeve.  It will be these dishes that make the difference between staying on track health wise and the alternative which is is being unprepared AND hungry with a lack of time….thus resorting to ready meals or take aways or other less nutritious and more pricy alternatives.

It isn’t so much that this is a new revelation to me, rather that never before have I been so busy and actually had to put my ‘messages’ into practice more so than in the last months.

Anyway, onto the blog topic which is number one of my ‘need it now’ dishes.  I hope to share my top 5 over the next couple of months so that you too can have a selection of tasty and REALLY simple (Honestly) meals / snacks to turn to whenever you happen to need them.

No 1: Mashed Avocado on Toast

This has pretty much been a staple for breakfast / lunches / dinners / snacks (not usually all on the same day I promise!).

Not only is it filling, but if you make a good choice as far as the bread is concerned (go for wholesome seeded versions if at all possible), you can have a fibre rich and sustaining snack which is packed with healthy monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, B vitamins, folic acid and potassium.

The best bit?  It takes approximately 2 minutes to make from start to finish.

1) Cut the avocado in 1/2, leaving the stone in the half that you are not using.  This will prevent it from browning as quickly.

2) Mash the flesh along with a little salt and pepper.

3) Toast the slice of bread and then spread the mashed avocado over the toast.

NB: have 1 or 2 slices depending on how hungry you are and whether this is a meal/snack

Thats it!

Now get creative and try the following:

1) finely chop 1/4 red onion and mash this into the avocado

2) finely chop 1/4 red chilli (if you want a bit of a kick) and mash this in

3) Chop up 5 cherry tomatoes and mash these into the avocado

4) make up some of your own combinations!!