Weight Management

Whether you choose to come on one of our intensive but fun boot camps or maybe you would prefer a more gentle and individual approach of a consultation, book up now to ensure that you don’t waste anymore time in reaching your goal weight or shape.

Faith is passionate about ensuring that you reach your goals and also that you enjoy the journey.  With close links to a variety of well respected experts in the wider field of heath and wellbeing psychology should you require any additional support in a field other than nutrition to complement your plan then she can recommend suitable people in your area.

You will be provided with recipes, tailor made plans, tips and loads of advice to make the whole process enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.  You can choose to have access to as much support as you feel necessary and rest safe in the knowledge that everything we do is evidence based and will work!


Have a look at our services and prices page to see what we have to offer.  Don’t forget to look at our amazing nutrition bootcamp weekends if you fancy an inspiring short and sweet (and sharp) kick start towards a healthier happier you!

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