Weight Management


Losing weight and maintaining weight is something that most of us, at some point in our lives, will struggle with.  In theory we eat less, move more and thats a done deal right?! Wrong.  If only it were that simple.  Yes losing weight can be simple but only once you have sifted through the hundreds of ridiculous faddy diets, the latest ‘super foods’ that promise the world and deliver ….nothing, and the confusion surrounding the holy grail of maintaining your hard fought weight loss.   This is my bread and butter.  This is what I love doing – helping to guide you through this journey and even helping you to make your journey an enjoyable and sustainable one.  Yes honestly, this is possible!


I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years in this field and many have achieved truly amazing results.  This includes many coming through the NHS system, some private hospital patients and several individual private patients from all walks of life.  I’d like to think that I remember most or even all of them because every single journey is different.  You are unique, your lifestyle and needs are unique and this is why general blanket weight loss plans often don’t work.  Any plan needs to be tailored around your life and your goals, not the other way around.


I offer a limited number of slots for bespoke meal plans for those wanting to lose and or maintain weight.   You will be provided with a weekly schedule, all recipes, tips and loads of advice to make the whole process enjoyable, challenging (as challenging as you want it to be!) and above all rewarding.  You can choose to have access to as much support as you feel necessary and rest safe in the knowledge that everything we do is evidence based and will work providing you work with it!

Plans start at £80 for a 2 week plan including a full schedule, all meals and snacks plus recipes and plenty of tips plus ongoing email support throughout the fortnight.  Some use these 2 week blocks as a stand alone blitz to press the ‘reset’ button on their diet whilst others choose to follow on with another block, with or without a rest inbetween.  It is up to you to dip in and out of as you choose.


Contact Us Here for more info or to have an informal chat about whether these plans might suit you and how to get going on your final weight loss journey…..if you are ready to work hard and work with us then you won’t need another one.